The Best Way
To Store Your Food

Our containers come with an electric vacuum pump that removes the oxygen at the push of a button, creating an airtight, leak proof seal and preventing your food from going bad.

Have you ever encountered these problems when cooking in your kitchen?

  1. The fridge is always a mess with piled food items.
  2. Having greasy surfaces in the fridge as the food containers always leak.
  3. Food can’t be preserved properly and needs to be abandoned very often.
  4. There’s always some bad smell in the fridge.
  5. Using plastic food wrap which contains plasticizer to preserve food.

How Does It Work?

Air is the enemy of food freshness. By removing the oxygen from the container, the Pomodoro Vacuum System limits the growth of bacteria and fungi, keeping your food fresh up to five times longer and preventing nutrients loss.

Fully Automatic

An automatic vacuum pump removes the oxygen at the push of a button. Thanks to the built-in pressure sensor, the vacuum process stops automatically once the oxygen has been removed from the container.

How to Use it ?


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