Pomodoro Vacuum Food Containers 5 Set


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POMODORO Vacuum Food Containers

Activate Freshness

The POMODORO Vacuum Food Containers inhibits bacterial growth and helps to preserve all nutrients, it can be used to store fresh foods such as vegetables, fruits, and meats. It’s also perfect for storing leftovers, soup and meal prep. Featuring 2 vacuum containers, this convenient set can hold thick slabs of lasagna, hefty sides of scalloped potatoes and hearty soups and stews, maintaining their full flavors without leaking.

  • Keep food fresh up to five times longer compared to other non-vacuum methods
  • Prevent nutrient loss
  • Simplest vacuum system. The automatic pump removes the oxygen at the push of a button
  • Great for storing meal preps and leftovers
  • Reduce food and plastic waste
  • Super Marinator in minutes. Vacuum sealing opens the pores of food allowing marinades to penetrate more quickly
  • BPA-Free food grade plastic

Why Choose POMODORO?

Visualizing Freshness

Vacuum valve ensures your food is sealed and protected while vacuum indicator gives feedback of the status on sealing.

Save Space

With stackable design, you can easily store food in your refrigerator, it keeps your kitchen organized and saves space.

Save Time

No need to charge again and again! Once the pump is fully charged, it can vacuum up to 300 different sizes of POMODORO containers!

Advantages of POMODORO

Rechargeable With Lithium-ion Battery

Leak-Proof Seal

5-Day Comparisons: Freshness Saver

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